Saturday, June 4, 2011

Welcome to Ether Waves! My DX Weblog!

It was my long-cherished dream to create and maintain a weblog to document my DX endeavors, past & present. Alongside, I was also nourishing the idea of creating an online community or forum for Dxers and Radio enthusiasts, in the wake of the recent social media boom.

This latter ambition of mine was fulfilled a few months back when a fellow radio hobbyist and DX friend created a group called India Dxing Cooperation Forum on Facebook. It is an open group where all like-minded radio enthusiasts are welcome to join. Since its inception, it has developed into an excellent platform, with active participation from veteran Dxers as well as greenhorns, who wish to follow in their footsteps. With such an interactive group in action I find no need to create another!

However, my foremost ambition of writing blogs on radio and Dxing was far from being fulfilled. Today, there are umpteen blogs related to the subject, available on the Internet, churning out news, logs, and tidbits from the world of radio. While most serve 'breaking news' and carry feeds from different international broadcasters as well as share blog posts from other DX groups, only a handful (of those I have come across) actually contain quality DX information or authentic write-ups that could motivate young radio listeners and youths to take up this wonderful hobby. Thats what I wish to do. To popularize Dxing among today's youth. Through this blog I hope to reach out to my wonderful DX friends from the world over and my social media audience, to inform, entertain, and educate them about this wonderful hobby called Dxing.

I Believe in the Power of Words.

It was one fine morning that I got hold of an old edition of a youth magazine written in my vernacular language - Bengali. The cover story title (if translated from Bengali would mean) "Sailor of the Ether Sea", drew my attention. I finished reading the whole publication in an hour but at first, couldn't make any heads or tails of it! It simply flew over my head. A school boy of 14 in the pre-Internet, pre-cable television era India and with very little exposure to radio programming in the past, I could hardly understand what Dxing was all about! But those few pages of printed words changed my life! Gradually 'radio' became my ultimate companion and Dxing my passion, and for the last 15 years ... I'm lovin' it !

Once again, I thank you for reading this post. I wish to share more of my past DX experiences here. Besides, I wish to give insightful comments and share my personal opinion on news and information from the world of radio, in my future posts.

In the meanwhile don't be surprised if you find picture blogs or vintage schedules or links to some interesting DX sites here @ Ether Waves!

Welcome to My World of Radio.

73 & 88 !


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  2. Fantastic site, Rajdeep. I will be regularly reading from now on. All the best, Gavin.

  3. your blog has been bookmarked dada, we expect a lot from you!

  4. Excellent site Raj. All the best of 73 to you.
    Regards, Gavin Hellyer

  5. Great site Raj. I wish all the the best of 73 to you.
    Kind regards from your Australian friend Gavin Hellyer.

  6. Thank you Gavin & Soumya. I will certainly try my best! By the way, don't forget to follow @ether_waves on Twitter. I try to share the latest and the most intriguing Dx news there too! 73!