Sunday, August 7, 2011

All We Hear Is Radio Ga Ga

Radio has gone “forever” to posterity except for a few diehard devotees like me who still cling to it for whatever that is left of it. Of course, it has been resurrected in another avatar as FM (frequency modulation) with a very limited bandwidth and range — which is no match to the erstwhile radio box with its three-band range in which one could “surf and download” several national and international stations from America to Europe and from Beijing to Radio Australia in the far-east with a tiny knob for navigation of the dial! – Excerpt from “An ode to the radio of yesteryear” (an article published in The Hindu, dated, Aug 06, 2011) by V.Natarajan.

Great article! Surely brings memories of bygone days. There’s nothing more to add. It speaks your heart. I would recommend you to read the whole article. Here's the link:

The comments are intriguing as well! The views expressed in the different comments truly reflects the current state of radio in India and what listeners (past & present) think about listening to radio now.

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